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Michael Douglas Gears for Chemotherapy after Throat Tumor Diagnosis

Michael Douglas would be facing chemotherapy sessions spanning for duo months after physicians detected tumor presence in his throat region.

The sixty-five year old Oscar-winner, Douglas would be undergoing 8-week long sessions of chemotherapy plus radiotherapy.

Douglas’s physicians anticipate him to completely recover, as per information provided to the famed People magazine.

Michael DouglasMarried to Catherine Zeta-Jones, Douglas is quite positive about ably tiding though the disease.

A spokesperson for the Wall Street star did not corroborate the form of cancer he had, when it was identified or when therapy commences. He additionally turned down any queries for answering Michael’s smoking past.

Larynx cancers are generally linked to binge drinking and smoking. Chemotherapy is mostly employed in adjunct to radiotherapy in case throat cancer has been detected in the later staging. In case it is spotted earlier on then in ninety percent of such cases, cure of these tumors is possible.

But, the outlook is less positive in case the cancer has metastasized to adjoining lymph nodes or tissues.

Around four years back, ‘the Mail’ cited that Michael Douglas and his better half were attempting to cease their smoking habits.

During that instant, the pair was believed to each be fagging half a cigarette packet on a daily basis.

The various cancers which develop around the tonsil area, in the interim, generally arise due to a viral form called HPV that additionally is causal to cervical cancer.

It is still unclear what form of cancer is Douglas ailing from.

Cancer which afflicts the oral cavity or throat are prevalent among males and individuals past the age of forty-five.

Douglas has garnered Oscars for his roles in films in the seventies and eighties and has appeared in a string of hit movies during that period.

Douglas also would be seen in the sequel to ‘Wall Street’ dubbed ‘Money Never Sleeps’ by Oliver Stone that is due for release in September.

Michael Douglas married Catherine Zeta-Jones a decade back and has duo kids. His son, Cameron from an earlier matrimony to Diandra Douglas was lately in the news due to being imprisoned for 5 years for peddling drugs.

Michael lately announced that he was keen on gradually opting out of his Hollywood career and selecting lesser projects for spending time with his family.