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Maine Guardsmen running 21 marathons in 21 days

By Sgt. Peter D. Morrison

Two Maine Army National Guard Soldiers have begun to run 21 marathons in 21 days and will end their endeavor at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., on May 31.

By running 550 miles, Col. Jack Mosher and Maj. Herbert Brock want to encourage Soldiers returning from or preparing for a deployment to live up to their greatest fitness potential.

“We believe fitness builds resiliency; it builds purpose in your life and makes you a better friend, Soldier and family member,” said Mosher. “Soldiers health is our primary concern.”

By running 26.2 miles per day, Mosher and Brock hope they are doing something every good Army officer should do — lead from the front.

“We want Soldiers to recognize their personal responsibility for their health and those they love, to be able to live their lives to the greatest potential,” said Mosher. “Our nation expects it.

You can’t be the next greatest generation if you can’t get off the couch.”

As the nation pauses on Memorial Day, Mosher wants people to know they are also celebrating the young men and woman throughout our nation’s history, who helped provide our freedom.

“Some never got to be fathers or mothers, or have a life long partnership with people they love; for us to squander the life we have left on this Earth is an injustice to the sacrifice they have made for us,” said Mosher.

The 21-gun salute is an age old custom, rendering honor to those both living and dead. By running 21 marathons in 21 days, Mosher hopes it not only honors but inspires fellow Soldiers to get out and get healthy.

(Source: National Guard)