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Abandoned bunnies, a backhoe wreck and ‘roller pigeons’

Times file photo.

TooManyBunnies is gearing up for Easter. The rabbit rescue crew anticipates parents will purchase the adorable pets for their children on a whim — and then realize they are in over their heads and abandon them.

This can become a problem for the small animals, which do not fare well on their own in the urban jungle, The Daily Breeze reports. Instead, The Breeze writes, parents should consider borrowing a rabbit to see if they can handle it:

Those interested in fostering an Easter bunny to see if a rabbit is the right pet for their household can do so for free. The rescue group will provide the cage, food and hay for rabbits who have all been fixed and trained to use a litter box like a cat.

Read the full story here.

Some other interesting L.A.-area items around the Web:

Where is biking dangerous? BikesideLA has worked with Los Angeles Police to map bicycle collision data for the city. Here is an excerpt:

East Hollywood, the de facto center of bike culture in LA, has plenty of accidents. As always, the problem is we don’t know how many cyclists ride these streets, so the data does not give relative risk.

Backhoe accident: Parts of a backhoe were dangling from an El Monte overpass Monday, shutting down Santa Anita Avenue. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports:

A big rig carrying a backhoe smashed into a railway overpass Monday afternoon and then drove away, leaving behind the backhoe.

"Roller pigeon" intervention: A former L.A. gang member is reaching out to at-risk youth with pigeons. CBS reports:

It just may be the most unconventional gang-prevention program in the country. Using donations and some of the money he makes from selling his pigeon magazine, Wilson provides kids with the food, the pens, even the birds.

– Anthony Pesce

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