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Ethiopia: Agency says sound technical, vocational knowledge crucial to bring about speedy dev’t

Adama – The Oromia Technical and Vocational Education Training Agency said a community that has adequate technical and vocational knowledge should be created so as to speed up and sustain the ongoing economic growth of the country.

Speaking at a quality assurance training held recently in Adam town, director general of the agency, Teshome Lemma said the community need to acquire skill and knowledge of technical and vocational education in order to bring about speedy development in all sectors and meet development goals.

He said students trained in health, agriculture and other sectors need to have sufficient skills and knowledge in their fields of studies so as to bring about the required development.

He further said instructors in the TVET colleges also need to take refreshment course so as to upgrade themselves.

He said the Oromia technical and vocational education training agency is furnishing TEVT colleges with the necessary machineries so as to produce competent manpower and meet the need of the industrial sector.

He finally called on the trainees to discharge responsibilities for the economic growth of the country.